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  • Quality Service  Management

Delivering quality service requires understanding the needs of our customers, listening to feedback and a dedication to continuous improvement. Key to this is cultivating a motivated workforce to continuously drive service excellence within the organisation.

At Technowix Aero Corporation,we believe every member of our service workforce has the ability to deliver excellent service. Quality Service Management efforts thus underscore the importance of a highly effective service team that is well-trained and equipped to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Quality Dimensions



  • Have updated, modern-looking equipment
  • Have physical facilities visually appealing
  • Employees are neat appearing
  • Materials associated with the service , visually appealing


  • When we promises to do something by a certain time, we will do so
  • When a client has a problem, we show a genuine interest in solving it
  • We perform the service correctly  
  • We provides our services at the time promised
  • We insist on error-free records


  • We tell the clients exactly when the services will be performed
  • We give prompt services to their clients
  • We are always willing to help clients
  • We  are never too busy to attend clients´ requests


  • We do not share data with 3rd party
  • Clients feel safe in their transactions with us
  • We are consistently courteous with clients
  • We have knowledge to answer to clients’ questions


  • We give individual attention to  clients
  • We have operating hours convenient to all clients
  • We has the clients’ best interests at heart
  • We understand the specific needs of our clients



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